by Graveslave

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Sick/Nasty is the debut full-length concept album from Twin Cities death metal band, Graveslave, detailing a series of grizzly murders from the eyes of the killer.


released June 29, 2017

Mixed/Mastered by Christian Donaldson (Cryptopsy) @ The Grid
Drums Recorded by Adam Tucker @ Signaturetone Recording
Everything else Recorded by Ian Frand @ Juices Studios

Additional Vocals on Track 1 - Matt McGachy (Cryptopsy)
Additional Vocals on Track 5 - Joel Sigsbee
Fretless Bass on Track 6: Khang Van Dao

Doombringer - Lead Vox
Plaguerness - Drums, Backing Vox
Gutz - Bass, Backing Vox
stAlkid - Rhythm Guitar, Vox
Juice - Lead Guitar, Backing Vox

Art - Jessica Raadt



all rights reserved


Graveslave Minneapolis, Minnesota

Graveslave is a death metal band based out of the Twin Cities, combining influences both modern and classic for a visceral, crushing, ominous sound.

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Track Name: Partially Reassembled, in Utter Disgust
In utter

A failed identification
of the victims

Surrounded by so many
decomposing fly gorged
body parts
Don't know which belongs to whom
This face here,
doesn't match up with these eyes
Most grotesque
portrait of pain
for all to adore
Track Name: Human Fluids (ooze)
Humans leaking fluid out of every orifice
Someone kill me now, for I can't take much more of this
Soggy, bloated, rotting corpses left decaying in a ditch
Putrid smelling carcass left in a pool of its own piss

Bile oozing from its anus
Sweating is dripping from its pores
Fluids draining from cirrhosis
A vile sight I can't ignore

Pus exuding from infection
Penetrating lacerations
Spilling out ejaculation

Human Condition

Flowing out of every hole
Blood and puss is what I'm told
To stare at it and be so bold
A sickness that I'll always know

Excrement, secretion
Blood and sweat, excretion

Salivation whets my tongue
Sickening obsession
I want to kill everyone
for their human fluids
Track Name: Slit Throats and Garrote
I have three captives
I keep them at my house
I hate each and every one of them
I'm going to slit their throats

It's time for me to get to work
I go to grab my wire
I bind them at the ankles,
I bind them at the wrists
The things that I will do to them,
once their throats are slit

I place my garrote wire around their wound inflicted necks
I pull the wire tight,
I pull if to my chest
Their tongues fall out of gaping holes that used to be their necks
I pull out my phone book, to find out who's next

I decree
There can be no god, for he would have stopped me

I like the way their organs feel
as I squeeze them in my hands,
discarding of unwanted limbs
into a garbage can
Now I hollow out a torso,
sipping blood from my cupped hands

I'm alive, they are dead
The flesh from their bodies, I will ingest
I'm alive, they are dead
The bones from their corpses, I bring to my nest
I'm alive, they are dead
The blood from my victims spills from their necks

Now I'm going back to the pile of bodies
Staring at it, blank, like it's calling me, hypnotic
Pulling out a knife from my blood soaked pocket
Make the first incision to a freshly dead carcass
Track Name: Methods of Murder
I have my first three victims
tied up in my bathroom
My tub is full of acid
I wonder what I'll do
As I untie the first girl,
she let out a scream
I cannot explain it,
but it disgusted me

I broke her head upon the toilet
and threw her body in the tub
When her flesh began dissolving,
I think I fell in love
I bring her bones into the basement,
and go to grab my knife
I go back for my next victim
I can't wait to take his life

I make the first incision,
down the abdomen
He wakes up while I'm cutting
it's time to strangle him
I pull out his intestines
which I wrap around his neck
I put my foot on his spinal cord
and pull it till it cracks

During my defiling, the third one wakes up
I wrench her mouth, breaking the jaw
As I insert my whole fist,
it rips the flesh off her esophagus

Gasping for air
and coughing up blood,
I push my arm in deeper,
grasping hold of a lung

Methods of murder, why can't I just behave
Methods of murder, I know I'm depraved
Methods of murder, what will I do with my life?
The answer is suicide

She begged me for her life
Her request denied
Track Name: Flesh Elegy
Track Name: Wallow in Filth
My time has come,
I can feel it inside
To design my unnatural suicide
In my basement,
I've constructed a nest
made of organs, bones and human flesh
Six bodies to deconstruct
Sifting through my pile of
human muck
As I lay in my shrine of death,
I am repulsed as I wallow in filth

A layer of blood
covers my skin
Please forgive me God,
for I have sinned
The scent that fills my nostrils
is most rancid
This bed of offal and human limbs
has become my organic coffin

Human grit between my nose, and in my teeth
My time has come, as I remove my knife from its sheath

I slit my wrists
and slash my throat,
plunging in the knife as deep as it goes
The light is fading slowly from my eyes,
as I commit my disgusting suicide
The floor is stained red at this horrific sight
I have my final thoughts as I bleed out and die